My Services

Business Process Improvement
Throughout my working career, one of my specialties has always been to look at processes taking place in the office (paperwork, data entry, workflow, etc) and look for ways to make them more efficient.

If you are still using paper, or even spreadsheets to run your business, you are likely spending more time and money than you need to on labor. I can review your business processes and help you implement changes to streamline your operation, leaving you more time to answer calls from your customers, generate new business, and tend to other responsibilities in your office.

Custom Database Applications
As part of process improvement, it may be practical to implement a database application, whether it be for order entry, facilitating your services (if a service-based outfit), invoicing, customer relationship management, statistical analysis, or production management. I've put together many solutions, ranging from a small batch script to a multi-department application.

Data Processing, Analysis and Reporting
In some complex database scenarios, you may need data processed on a daily or weekly basis. This may include invoice processing, data calculation or analysis, report generation, or movement of data between departments. I offer ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) services on just about any platform.

Application Support
Whether it's to support an application I've written for you, or an existing one, I can help. Having trouble getting your application to work on a new version of Windows? Application won't connect to your database server? New desktop PC won't run the app as the old one did? I can help!